Sons of Zeno

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"Zenophobia," Our Latest - May 2014

You Lie
Big Joe, Little Moe
Every Night
I Got the Blues
Meditations on Art
Quel Bon Soir
GTO Blues
Don't Shoot
World of Blue
Take Life Easy
You Got to Suffer
I Don't Care

$12.00 ($1.11 shipping)

"Numero Zeno," Our 1st Release

Driving Me Crazy
That Mean Ol' Judge
Blues For Hornbuckle
Close to the Highway
Talk to Me
Who's Got the Money?
Let's Have Some Fun
Angel Wings
Our Own Universe
The Burning Man
Who's Gonna Be Your Big Boy Now?
I Want to Go Home

$10.00 ($1.11 shipping)

"ZeNotes," Our 2nd CD

Pretty in Blue
Hard Work
Silver Hair
No One Wants to be Lonely
A Tale of Misspent Youth
No One Wants the Wet Spot
Toothache Blues
Ripping Off the Red, White and Blue
The Dover lament
Far Away
When You're Mature
Get Up Every Morning

$10.00 ($1.11 shipping)

Hear "Ripping Off the Red, White and Blue" and "Hard Work" on  Neil Young's website!

"SonShades," CD #3

All Work, No Play
Goodbye Mr. 88
Drinkin' Alone
Bill and the Devil
Little Sherry
Make it Better (Every Day)
Sammy's Blues
I'm All Confused
Credo: To Be A Man
So Many Problems
Many Hands (Make Light the Work)

$10.00 ($1.11 shipping)