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Meditations on Art

From Sons of Zeno CD "Zenophobia"

Bruce S Bouck © 2014
Saving nickels, spending dimes
Got a wet bag full of tangled fishing line
Like a space cadet, wishing on a star
Moonbeams and bad debt, carried in a jar Bing Crosby, "Swinging on a Star", 1944

Right or Left, who knows what’s true
Remember, pain is just God’s way of hurtin’ you Bob Black, in "The Abolition of Work", also, The Firesign Theatre
So praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition Popular patriotic tune, WWII
Our paths will cross on the Road to Perdition Usually a reference to Old Testament admonition, also a great movie

We were talkin’ ’bout the Battle of New Orleans The old Johnny Horton tune, loosely based on a older fiddle tune "Napoleon’s Retreat"
Versus the prettiest women you ever seen Jerry Jeff, "London Homesick Blues"
With amphetamines and pearls they strangle up your mind Bob Dylan, "Memphis Blues Again"
They’ll have you drinkin’ in the lounge ’til quitting time

Now, in Marguaritaville , they have a little saying, Jimmy Buffet
"There ain’t no song, that ain’t worth playing"
And if you’re the kind that can love a tune,
I can tell ya for sure, God knows about you

I can prove to you, I own a star
It’s not a Galaxy, but it’s more than a car Ford Galaxy 500, dumb pun
It’s like a solar system, or whatever you call it,
Look, I got picture right here, in my wallet

They got billions like me, we’re talkin’ humanoid
They’ve even got guys like Charlie Parker, and Sigmund Freud
And just like you and me, they like to watch T.V.
Except they turn down the sound and use E.S.P.
I got my Mom out-a prison , and why wouldn’t I? Steve Goodman, David Allan Coe, "The Perfect Country Western Song"
She shot a man in Reno just to watch him die Johnny Cash, "Folsom Prison"
Now prison made me bitter, but it made her strong
She do the Tube Snake Boogie, all night long ZZ Top, "Tube Snake Boogie"

Ever since I got my card for medical marijuana,
I’ve tried to find a job, but I just don’t wanna
I’ve got a resume, just as cool as ice,
But they’re such a bunch of assholes, I just can’t be nice
God Damn! All these rules and regulations
Gonna take my problem to the United Nations Eddie Cochran, "Summertime Blues"
Y’know Summertime Blues, ain’t my imagination
Billionaires screwin’ up the whole damn nation

It’s costing me a dime just to make a nickel
When all I wanna do is ride my motorcycle Arlo Guthrie, "Alice’s Restaurant"
Tina Fey made me do it, just by bein’ on T.V.
She did the Alligator , I did the Midnight Creep "Eagles, "The Greek Don’t Want No Freaks", Rolling Stones, Elton John, Bernie Taupin
I believe that jukebox gon’ blow a fuse Chuck Berry, "Roll Over Beethoven"
That’s Joe Tex singin’, real Rhythm and Blues Just ’cause I love Joe Tex
Knockin’ back Jack, payin’ my dues
I’d walk a country mile in Eric Clapton’s shoes Just ’cause I love Eric Clapton

Now Mamma plays country, Daddy plays swing Johnny Cash, "Daddy Sang Bass"
Little Sis says "it don’t mean a thing,
If it ain’t got that swing" , you won’t be rockin’ Duke Ellington, "It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got that Swing)"
I dig Bob Wills music, now we’re talkin’! A tip of the hat to Waylon, Willie, and all musical gifts from the South West

note:Many references to artists I admire in the lyric here. All "subtle" references are intentional.