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You Lie

From Sons of Zeno CD "Zenophobia"

Dennis 'Spanky' Chamberlain©2010
You lie, you lie
I know you just can't help it
You lie, you lie
Why do you have to milk it?
You make it up as you go along
Even when you know you're wrong
You think lyin' makes you strong
But you're wrong

You lie, you lie
A tangled web you're weavin'
You lie, you lie
You know that's why I'm leavin'
You lie about stuff that you don't know
You lie about comin' and when you go
You lie about what you do and did
Well that's stupid

You lie....
You lie...

You lie, you lie
You lie just too damn easy
You lie, you lie
You say it's just to please me

Tell the truth and let it be
Tell the truth, it'll set you free
You can't handle it so you lie
Well goodbye
You lie....
You lie...
You lie....
Prevarication, that's what's wrong with this here nation
It's so hard to know who to believe in these mendacious times
Oh the audacity of your mendacity
You lie, you lie right to my face
Got your pants on fire
Your nose is growin' too